Cost of antifouling a boat

Antifouling is essential when it comes to boats as it protects the material and prevents corrosion. The cost of antifouling a boat is something we have to take into consideration when buying a boat as it is an expense we will have to pay regularly; once a year or once every few years. The cost of antifouling a boat depends on a few elements.

The size of your boat is a big factor. Bigger boats are more expensive to maintain as it takes more time to cover the surface that has contact with the water. The method of antifouling is also important. Different types of paints and treatments are, especially with smaller boats, cheaper, but it is necessary to consider the fact they will need to be bought repeatedly. If you are ready to give it some of your time and do it yourself, the cost will be lower.

The work is, however, quite challenging, so many people opt for a professional despite the additional charges. As this approach needs handling quite frequently, many people chose an ultrasonic antifouling kit, which is a one-time expense. An ultrasonic antifouling kit produces vibrations that prevent biofilms to survive on the boat, keeping the surface clean.

Although an ultrasonic antifouling kit might be a considerable expense, it is important to stress its benefits. Once it is installed there will be no fuss around antifouling, the boat will cleanse itself. There are many options, but the final choice is up to the boat captain.