Pogon za drsna vrata je prilagodljiv specifičnim potrebam

Do you imagine that automatic sliding doors in the hospital and commercial environment would constantly break down and cause discomfort and ill-will for visitors? Probably not, since today’s automatic door mechanisms are powerful and reliable, and with their automation are adaptable to specific needs. Experts adjust the sliding door actuator according to the type of door and the load flow of the number of visitors, making sure that the opening and closing are quiet and soft.


Depending on the different needs of the facilities, the sliding door actuator can be configured in different ways. The drive mechanisms are easy to use and come with a smart touchscreen, which can be located on or off-site, but no more than 500 m away. Mounting them is easy and quality, whether you are replacing an existing system or installing a brand new one. such a drive also provides you with a unique solution to increase security in your facility.


Automatic doors are functional in every building


Until recently, sliding door solutions were considered unattractive and dysfunctional, but with the advances in advanced technology and automation, these problems were eliminated. Nowadays, automatic doors in modern, modern business premises represent an elegant and functional replacement for classic doors, while still making excellent use of space. With different combinations of materials, they represent an elegant and practical solution. Aesthetically designed automatic doors will surely attract the eyes of passers-by.


Automatic doors are the ideal solution for business premises because they are safe and easy to use and suitable for any entrance. With proper mechanics, they open and close depending on the load levels and passages of visitors. They also allow airtight sealing, so you can also save energy. When a power failure occurs, they operate smoothly. Because the microprocessor controls the operation of the door, in the event of contact with the door, the door is automatically opened and then closed more slowly to check if the obstacle is still present.