Are Water Sports Too Dangerous?

Water sports are a great way of combining your love for nature with your love for adrenaline. In Slovenia, Soca river might be the place that offers the most to water sport aficionados. It is famous for its wide range of activities and stunningly freezing water. But despite its beauty, Soca can be deadly and has taken some lives before. Extreme caution is necessary when establishing contact with the river as well as respect for the untamed nature.

Adrenaline Sports on the River

Extreme sports, such as Soca river canyoning as well as Soca valley rafting do carry some risks, but are generally considered quite safe. While alertness is always advised, there is no need to approach the water with unease or even fear. With both Soca river canyoning and Soca valley rafting protective gear is provided along with extensive instruction on how to operate the vessels and how to react in risky situations. In addition to that, guides are always close by to answer any additional questions and will be happy to accompany anyone that is still a bit nervous on their water journey. Most often, everything will be going according to plans, but it is important not to panic in case of an unpleasant surprise, such as a log in the water or a low hanging branch. There is no need to worry, Soca river canyoning and Soca valley rafting are not dangerous, but as with all things in life, it does not hurt if you are careful.