Lakes, rivers, oceans and sports

Water is not just something we drink or look at, but it can be a great place for sports as well. In Slovenia, there are a number of different water sports, which can be enjoyed by anyone, from amateurs to professionals. The country has quite a few places that are perfect for this type of activities. You can go swimming in Bohinj, diving in Piran, Bovec rafting or taking a cruise with a kayak. Bovec is the perfect place for those who would enjoy a little jump in the river or an adrenaline ride through the restless water. In addition to Bovec rafting or a cruise with a kayak, Bovec also offers canyoning, which is most widely visited in the summer months. Some other popular water shenanigans include wakeboarding, which can be done at the seaside, water polo, which is mainly held in indoor swimming pools and supping, which is done all over the country’s lakes, rivers and oceans. There is certainly something for any water sports enthusiast out there.

Benefits of waters sports

The benefits of water sports such as Bovec rafting, swimming, wakeboarding or even taking a ride in a kayak Bovec are mainly the same as those that are gained from all other types of exercise. They are important for your cardiovascular health, general fitness and even mental health. Such sports are also usually on a more daring side, so many of them can satisfy your need for adrenaline. In comparison to some other activities, such as skiing, tennis and golf, water sports are also generally cheaper, some even completely free. This makes them available to almost anyone, rich and poor as well as young and old. As there are so many benefits to them, there is no wonder why water sports are so incredibly popular and why there is such a big demand for them.