Where to go rafting or kanyoning?

With the activities that take place on the water, you have to be careful when selecting the ideal spot. There are so many factors that decide whether you’ll be satisfied with the experience or not, and the conditions are relevant for safety as well. Add in the preferences for beautiful natural surroundings and the need for appropriate tourism services, and the choice can be rather limited. Not if you find yourself in the Soca valley, Slovenia, which is the best place to be for an adventurer!

For Soca rafting, Bovec is the ideal starting point. Bovec is a town on the riverbank in the upper part of the river, offering great experiences for the thrill-seekers. White-water rafting is especially attractive, but other choices are just as popular for Soca rafting. Bovec is a great choice due to the well-developed tourism offer, along with all the necessary accompanying services. There’s accommodation to be found and great dining options. But in regards to Soca rafting, Bovec stands out with a great variety of guided tours and equipment rental options. 

Bovec is also a great starting point for other activities on the Soca river. Kanyoning is becoming more and more popular, as it offers a unique experience (and it’s a bit less crowded). It’s not done on the Soca river, kanyoning requires a narrow canyon with a dynamic stream and many natural obstacles. That’s why the sporting agencies select appropriate waterways in the surrounding area, usually the tributaries of the Soca river. Kanyoning offers a wide range of different options, so the experience is unique and thrilling in every case. The difficulty levels are also adaptable, with short and easy tours suitable for complete beginners, while longer expeditions aim at the experienced adventurers looking for something extra.