Full variety of experiences in the Soca valley

Soca valley is the place to go if you’re into beautiful nature and unforgettable outdoor experiences. While it is a hotspot of adrenaline tourism, other visitors will surely not feel left out – almost every activity is also available in a timid variant for first-timers, children, and other reluctantly interested visitors. So, what to try? Maybe just a little bit of everything from classics to more unusual activities!

Soca valley rafting is one of the options that will not let down even the most demanding participants. Not only is this activity full of adrenaline and excitement, it’s also a great way to enjoy the beautiful shores of the river and of course the characteristic image of the river itself. Soca valley rafting is mostly done in the upper part of the river – there you can find the perfect mix of calm sections and more dynamic rapids. Also, the upper part of the river is adorned by little towns on the shore which cater to the tourists – that’s what makes Soca valley rafting easy and convenient as well as exciting and fun!

The tourist offer of the towns doesn’t stop at rafting. Some of the towns have really well-developed services, including kayaking, canyoning, even hydrospeed. Bovec is one of those towns, actually it’s the hotspot for adrenaline activities of Soca valley. For hydrospeed, Bovec is the ideal starting point because of the picturesque surroundings and suitable river characteristics as well as the offer of services, tours, and other programs. Not only is hydrospeed in Bovec worth doing because of the beautiful river environment, it’s also a nice individual or group activity. It’s very flexible and can be tailored to the taste of all kinds of adventurists. For extra points in the offer of hydrospeed, Bovec also offers all the required equipment, guides, and transport.